Woo Hoo, Go Buckholtz… err… Buchholtz err.. Buckholz, err…

Buchholz. This is one of those times I really miss living in New England–I am dying to watch tonight’s game. I watched Buchholz’s no-hitter in 2007 and thought he had one of the best curveballs around. His 2008 disappointment came as a complete surprise. Its great to see how well he’s been pitching for the Paw Sox this season (99 IP, 89 K, .980 WHIP, 2.36 ERA); I hope he carries that success into tonight’s start.

When I lived in Indiana, I used to purchase the MLB.radio package and listen to games over the computer. Now married with child, I settle for watching the Gameday box scores. But all night, I’ll be wishing I could see that curveball.



  1. raysfanboy

    Your buddy Bucky had quite a start last night. Didn’t last long, but when he was there he was “theeere man.” It gives me chills to think that the Sox might have added another effective starter to their already dominant arsenal. As if things weren’t tough enough for my little team on the Bay.

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