Fantasy Pick Up: Garret Jones

This is my first year as a fantasy baseball player (love it), and my team has had an up and down season. Jimmy Rollins’ and Jason Bay’s struggles combined with Tori Hunter’s and Jay Hamilton’s injuries have made for a topsy-turvy season (I was in first for a month and have slid back to third since the all-star break). But I have found a few gems to share. All the position eligibility and availability data below are for ESPN leagues.

  • Martin Prado, 1B, 2B, 3B, Braves. Available in 85.2% of leagues. I praised Prado in a previous post for his performance his taking over a starting role in late June. This July: .361-.424-.506. He’s scored 18 runs this month with 8 batted in and 10 extra-base hits. He’s reached base safely in 13 straight games, and in 19 of the last 20. He’s fairly cemented into the number two spot of the Brave’s lineup between McLouth and Jones. That’s a pretty nice spot to be in these days.
  • Gordon Beckham, 3B, SS, White Sox. Available in 82.1% of leagues . I know I am rolling the dice here, but I am trading in run scorer Skip Schumaker of St. Louis for Beckham, the White Sox young prospect. Beckham has only played two months at the MLB level, but his July was a big improvement over his June. Overall, he’s at .299-.370.-.445 with 20 runs and 23 RBI, strong production for a potential SS. My only complaint with Beckham is that he seems stuck at the bottom of the White Sox order, hitting between 7th and 9th on any given night.
  • Garret Jones, OF, DH, Pirates. Available in 84.6% of leagues.Look, I get it. People have lives. They are busy. But, seriously, 84.6 (or something close to it) percent of owners need to have their teams revoked. This July, Jones has hit .313.-.378-.821 (1.199), with 9 home runs in 67 at bats. Of course, he won’t keep up that pace. But he will hit third for the Pirates for the rest of the season. With the speedy McCutchen and steady Sanchez (at least for now) in front of him, that will translate into production. Go grab him. Go grab him now.

In other news, Lugo is gone. Try not to lose any sleep.



  1. raysfanboy

    I just traded Alexei Ramirez for Matt Holliday. I needed a little more OF help with Sizemore stinking this year (my #1 draft pick, sheesh). I already have Zobrist to be my super-utility player so I felt I could drop Ramirez. But I’m worried that a combination of 2B Roberts, SS Rollins, or 2B/SS/OF Zobrist will go down. And then I’ll be missing Ramirez big time. If I can stay healthy and Holliday can continue his torrid hitting then I’ll be happy.

    I don’t know why I said all that, but I guess I’ve been meaning to put out some fantasy baseball posts and just haven’t been able to find the time! So I’m unloading here!

  2. santosis

    If you gave up Holliday, great trade. I wouldn’t trade for him, since I think his production is largely a product of Coors Field. He’s a good player, but not a great one.

    Ramirez is a great option for 2B/SS. He was terrible early this season, much like David Ortiz. But he’s been a beast the past few months, and should continue to be an across the board producer. I have Scutaro, Rollins, Ramirez, Prado, and Beckham eligible for 2B/SS.

    I did just reject a trade–someone was trying to give me Russell Branyan and Freddie Sanchez for Todd Helton and Jonathan Broxton. I countered with Broxton for Pablo Sanchez (who I drafted and unfortunately released mid-May. He responded with Branyan for Broxton. I said no. I just think Branyan’s production has peaked, his past few months already show a downward turn toward his career averages.

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