Yanks, Angels, Red Sox and the Deal that Wasn’t  Made

What’s interesting about this Yanks squad is that, while Tex and Rod are that good, they haven’t performed like the best 3-4 this season (that title would go to Mauer and Morneau by a long shot). So, if they get hot, that’s why they might have a shot at 1000. Even if they don’t, a lineup this deep will be a nightmare to face in the playoffs.

As Joe wrote the other day, the Angels lineup is almost as good–and is only a few runs behind the Yanks despite missing Hunter for over a month. If there is a chance for any other team, including my Red Sox, its that I think (despite the media infatuation) that Sabathia and Burnett are very beatable pitchers. The Angels, too, have holes in their starting rotation.

This is why I thought the Sox could challenge for the AL Crown this year if they made the aggressive move to acquire Halladay. Now, I don’t think anyone [fan] will ever know exactly what the deal entailed. But I will go on record, irrational as it may be, that I will evaluate Buchholz, Bowden, Bard, and Anderson’s careers against two seasons of Roy Halladay. And the World Series Championship such an acquisition would have ensured (like I said, this is my irrational dream world. I am sharing it with you. If you don’t like it, leave).

If one of those players makes it to more than two all-star games, then I will say loudly and humbly “Theo was right.” If they do not, then 2009 will forever be the-year-that-might-would-have-been.



  1. redsoxmelissa

    There were a lot of teams going after Halladay, and I thought that the Red Sox had a really good chance at getting him. But the Jays didn’t trade him and I think it’s hurting them, them being 17 games behind the first place Yankees. They started out really good, weren’t they first in the early early season?

    I think we should do just fine without Halladay, I think we’re finallllly stabilizing in the bullpen.

    Tonight though, will confirm that. Lester is going against the Ranger’s Millwood. They both have the same record.
    Nice post!


  2. raysfanboy

    I totally agree with you Marc. Now is now. Worry about the future later. Getting Halladay moves you from wild card and ALDS loser to Series contender. You’ve got to have some arms that will be able to beat NY (which you have) and those Angels (which nobody has). Halladay would have been a nice rental for you.

  3. santosis

    @raysfanboy: yeah, and it would have been a two-season rental. That’s why I would have given up the farm, so to speak–two years of Halladay, Beckett, and Lester? Oh my goodness, to dream…

    And, this year is more and more looking like the WS will come down to the Yanks and the Angels. Of course, I thought that same thing a few years ago when the Cards upset the Tigers; [cliche]that’s why they play the game [/cliche]

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