Gonzo’s Back

A quick thumbs-up for the reacquisition of Alex Gonzalez at short. Nothing against Nick Green, but I would like to see Gonzo get the everyday nod. While his hitting is light, his fielding is incredible. Green hasn’t been a producer in awhile, so this gives us a large defensive increase.

How large? Besides the margin in errors and fielding percentage( 6 / .977 versus 14 / .955), Gonzalez’s career range factor at SS is an incredible 6.80 versus Green’s pedestrian 4.29. For the non-Sabermetricians out there, that means that Gonzalez gets to about 2 more balls a game than Green (there is, of course, much debate about whether RF totals defensive proficiency or merely indicates defensive chances). I’ll trade offensive production at the shortstop position for that kind of defensive range.



  1. raysfanboy

    Great point on Gonzo. The Rays turned it around by not worrying about offense as much and concentrating on defenders with range. You gotta admit, between Longo, Bartlett, CC, and Upton, not much can be hit to the left side of the diamond and fall in for a hit. I do think that there are limits, though. I mean, ya still gotta score to win the game.

    By the way, watch out for those Rangers and Rays. They just might snatch that wild card away (the Rangers are making a strong bid to do just that right now!).

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