Thank You Mr. McDonald

In my last post, I speculated that the Sox might call up Spring Training star Josh Reddick. Instead, they called up a minor leaguer that I had never heard of (and, considering I pay attention to the minor league system, that’s saying something). But, thank goodness. After a four game whooping, including a 0-32 with RISP slump, Sox nation needed a lift.

2-2 with a HR and 4 RBI make for a pretty darn nice lift. Welcome to Boston Darnell McDonald.

Given his heroics, I spent a few minutes today to familiarize myself with Mr. McDonald. He’s a career minor leaguer who’s been in professional baseball since the age of 19. He’s got speed (225 career minor league SB to 81 CS), but I would speculate that contact issues (career .272 BA, .333 OBP, 1076 K’s in 5136 PA). Like Crash Davis, he’s had a few runs in the show (Baltimore in 2004, Minnesota in 2007, and 47 games with Cincy last year). At 31 years old, he’s probably not going to be a ROY candidate. But, even if this is only his 15 minutes of fame, Mr. McDonald is shining bright with a lot of Red Sox fans this Wednesday.

And, yes, Rob, I am repressing any further mention of the terrible tragedy that took place this past weekend.


A friend sent me a link to Bug & Cranks offering an Orioles-ian perspective on Darnell McDonald. Hint: their not too thankful.



  1. raysrenegade

    Darnell McDonald was actually a member of the Tampa Bay Rays farm system for a few years and was thought of as a future outfield puzzle piece for the Rays.
    Hr basically got pigeon-holed out of the Rays thought process when Desmond Jennings exploded a few years ago, and the Rays retained Justin Ruggiano and Fernando Perez.
    Got good speed, can steal bases, but is mostly an above average hitter without tremendous power.
    But he is built within the mold of Jacoby Ellbury, which will give Boston a baserunner they will need to keep pitcher’s minds off the hitters.

    Rays Renegade


    BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!

    This just in….the Red Sox game will be cancelled tonight!! Reason reported is that they do not have any bases. An anonymous source claims that team officials were given a tip that the Rangers are believed to have stolen them all!

  3. santosis

    @raysrenegade- I did see he was with a number of teams, but didn’t see the Rays, so thanks. Hopefully his large number of minor league at bats will translate into some plate discipline and some replacement-level numbers while Ellsbury and Cameron heal.

    @tvman- yes, we know, V-Mart and V-Tek are not the best at throwing out runners. Points for original delivery, not for stale content.

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