Here’s to Hoping Ryan Howard Ages Better than David Ortiz

I’m pretty sure the title to this post says everything I have to say on the matter. Both players are beloved in their respective markets. Both players signed lucrative extensions after their 30th birthday. If there is a difference: Ortiz’s contract (12.5 million per year) is half of Howard’s contract (25 million per year)–and Ortiz was considered something of a bargain when he signed that deal. Compared to A-Rod’s monstrous contract for similar production, it seemed as if the Red Sox were locking up one of the game’s most dominant hitters for a nice price. Now Howard will essentially make the same money as Rodriguez. Questions regarding the wisdom of Howard’s deal are flying around before the ink even has a chance to dry.

If the 1/2 hour of ESPN I listened to on the ride to work is indicative of how today’s response to Howard’s deal has gone, then its probably cliche to remark that big, long swinging sluggers usually don’t age well. So, Phillie fans, I’ll say it again:

Here’s to hoping Ryan Howard ages better than David Ortiz.


One comment

  1. raysfanboy

    I think that Howard will age better for one big reason: no gut. Ortiz was never really a symbol of health, and it seems that might be catching up with him. Howard, on the other hand, seems like a strong guy who keeps himself in shape, which will serve him well as he progresses through the latter part of his career. But, inth eend, I do not think anybody should make that money in baseball–it skews the market so much that nobody knows which way is up and players think they can make more than is possible, which leads to animosity among owners and fans alike.

    If that really IS Jonathan Sanchez’s nickname, then all I can say is…that is AWESOME! HA!

    Man, where do you find these pictures? That Phillies guy is just a disgusting mess. Damn.

    Don’t catch a game in Arizona. If you have the wrong look, the cops might send you to Mexico! Colorado is much safer.

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