Hall of Very, Very Good

Have you voted for the Hall of Very, Very Good yet? Its over at the Brooklyn Trolley Blogger. Go vote. Its fun. Better yet, nominate a candidate. I nominated Fred Lynn for the HoVVG. Here was my case:

“Though his career was cut a bit short due to injury, Lynn was one of the league’s best center fielders for almost a decade. From 1975 to 1986, he posted a .291/.370/.494 line and averaged 36 doubles, 26 home runs, 96 runs, 98 rbi, and 76 walks per 162 games. In addition to his heralded MVP and ROY 1975, Lynn made 9 straight all-star games, from 1975 to 1983, and won 4 career gold gloves. Lynn’s longevity issues kept him from ever getting serious consideration from the HoF voters. The Baseball Page.com lists him as their 15th greatest centerfielder of all-time, but also as one of the most injury-plagued of all-time. Instead of looking at what Lynn wasn’t able to do, we can look at what he did do: play a very, very good centerfield.”



  1. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Thank you Very Very kindly for the plug!!
    Fred Lynn was always one of my favorites. He and YAZ were probably the biggest reasons I decided to become a Red Sox fan also. I was young, already a Met fan (no conflict there) but I still had this other team in the city my POP rooted for that did have me conflicted. I spent as much time in Yankee Stadium as I did Shea Stadium. And these Red Sox intrigued me with their little park. By 1978, I was hurt and upset the Yankees and Bucky Dent beat the Sox in that game. YAZ homered earlier in the game and I knew without a doubt, any longer, I was a Sox fan. I was 11yrs old that year. BROOKLYN NATION is what I like to call it.
    Thanks again.

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