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Dan Haren Needs More Love

Quickly, I would point out that before his last start on July 23rd, Haren had gone ten straight starts allowing 2 ER or less and pitching at least 7 innings in all but one of those starts. Despite his statistical dominance this season, he has only 10 wins. I hope Cy Young voters don’t overlook him at the end of the season.

In other news, the Red Sox dealt Mark Kotsay today for the White Sox’s Brian Anderson. Anderson is a solid fielder, although barring injury I don’t see him with the big league club until the rosters expand in a little over a month. Kotsay’s playoff performance was so painful last year, I couldn’t look at him without feeling an odd mixture of anger, disappointment, compassion, and guilt. I wish him well with the White Sox. Needless to say, I’ll be more comfortable watching Red Sox games without him.

I root for the Rays 19 games every season. They lost one of said games last night. Let’s not make a habit of losing to the Yankees!